Biological Protection Programs

Many development project applications are evaluated by the Planning and Environmental Review section for impacts to species or habitat protected under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). When such impacts are assessed on a project, project proponents are required to preserve a specified acreage of land possessing equal or better habitat values to mitigate for those impacts. The County provides alternatives for achieving habitat mitigation through the following programs.

Swainson’s Hawk Impact Mitigation Program. When Swainson’s hawk habitat is impacted as the result of proposed development projects, project approval is conditioned on preservation of land to mitigate for those impacts. The County developed a program that allows projects with less than 40 acres of impact to instead pay into a fund to purchase mitigation land or easements. This alternative is more reasonable for projects with smaller impacts.

South Sacramento​ Habitat Conservation Plan (in progress). The County of Sacramento and our partners (City of Rancho Cordova, City of Galt, Sacramento County Water Agency, Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District, and the Capital Southeast Connector JPA) are currently engaged in a collaborative effort with state and federal regulatory agencies to complete the South Sacramento Habitat Conservation Plan.