Residential Accessory Uses

​​​Sacramento County has many different residential accessory use classifications, ranging from guest houses to chicken coops. Applicable development standards depend on the use classification, and can also depend on your property's zoning and location. 

​​Please answer the following questions to determine what standards apply to your project:

1.  Are you within the Unincorporated area of the County? 
(View the County Online Map Viewer and check that your 'Jurisdiction' under the 'Property Information' section reads "Unincorpor​​ated Area of the County".)
2.  Does your property zoning include an overlay or combining zone, or are you within a Special Planning Area (SPA) or ​Neighborhood Preservation Area (NPA)? 
(Use the above link and look for the codes listed under the 'Zoning'​ section of 'Parcel Details'.)
  • Yes; my property zoning includes 'SPA' or has another code in parentheses. S​top and see below.​ 
  • ​​No; my property zoning starts with an AG, AR, A, or RD code and doesn't have any additional code in parentheses.  Continue.

3.  Are you Interested in operating a Short-Term (Vacation) Rental on your property? 

  • YesStop and see below.​ 
  • No. Continue.

4.  Do you plan to include a sleeping area in your accessory structure?

  • Yes. Stop and see below.
    • ​Will the structure be used for ongoing habitation (i.e., someone sleeping there more than 10 days a month)?
      • ​No. Stop and see below.
        • You are building a Guest House, which is classified as a type of Residential Accessory Structure.​ See this summary of Residen​tial Accessory Structure Standards. Note: guest houses cannot be used as any type of rental unit. 
  • ​​​​​​No.Continue.
5.  Is the accessory structure for agricultural activities, including housing farm animals?
  • Yes. Stop and see below.
    • You are building an Incidental Agricultural Accessory Structure. See Sections 3.9.3.G for use standards and 5.3.2.C or 5.4.5.A, Table 5.10.B for development standards. [Summary of Incidental Agricultural Accessory Structure Standards coming soon!]
  • No. Stop and see below.
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