Citizen Participation

Public input is an important part of the land use planning and environmental review processes.  It provides important guidance to decision-makers, and helps to shape the location, design and nature of land use.  For the citizen it can be a time-consuming and confusing process.  The links below will help citizens understand how to find planning information, track projects and give input into projects.  It also provides information on some of the natural resources in Sacramento County and will inform you how you can help the county directly.

  • Parcel Information: The County's "Parcel Viewer" provides information on a property's jurisdiction, zoning, General Plan designation, flood zone, special districts, and much more.  To use it you will need an address or parcel number.
  • Planning Projects Viewer: The County's "Project Viewer" provides information on private projects that are either currently in process or have recently been closed.  Find project descriptions, documents and project status. The database can be searched in several ways including by community, project name, owner, or address.
  • Search for Environmental Documents: The page will help you to become involved in the Environmental Review Process of development projects by presenting valuable, specific environmental information. If a project is not available on this page, please search Planning Projects Viewer.​
  • Major Development​ Projects: Lists the major development projects currently in process in the Office of Planning and Environmental Review and provides brief descriptions of those projects and links to any related webpages.
  • New Growth Areas and Master Plans: Provides information on new growth areas and master plans in progress.​
  • Hearings an​d Agendas: Provides information that allows you to monitor public hearings on a particular project or to keep track of public hearing agendas.
  • Community Planning Advisory Council (CPAC): Each community is represented early in the land use planning process by a CPAC which holds monthly meetings to hear, discuss and make a recommendation on development projects. This is an opportunity for community members to express their support or concerns regarding development projects in their community. Visit the CPAC page for general information and for links to your community's CPAC page.  Scroll down for information on CPAC membership.
  • Protected Resources in Sacramento County: General Information on various topics including vernal pools, Swainson’s​ hawk, oak woodlands, air quality and bats. ​

Community Involvement  

To take a leadership role in your community consider the following:

  • How to Establish a Neighborhood Association: Neighborhood Associations are formed and run by citizens to address local issues or simply to establish a sense of community. This document provides a step-by-step guide to help you organize and establish a Neighborhood Association.  Also see the Neighborhood Association Sample By-Laws.
  • Community Planning Advisory Council (CPAC): Information on CPAC functions and responsibilities, plus how to apply for a seat on the CPAC.