Surface Mining

​Mining within Sacramento County

​Regulation of Surface Mining in Sacramento County

Policy and Regulation: Surface mining is regulated by Sacramento County primarily through three documents.  The General Plan contains language and policy that provides general guidance on how and where mining should occur in the County.  Most mining policies are in the Conservation Element and Open Space Elements.  The Zoning Code contains regulations which provide details of how mining should occur and addresses the impacts of mining to surrounding uses and includes topics such as traffic, air pollution, noise, and visual impacts.  The Zoning Code also directs the details of information needed for mining use permit applications, and provides regulations that relate to various legal procedures.  Title 20 of the County Code is related to environmental protection and Chapter 20.04 addresses mining Reclamation Plans, financial assurances, reporting, inspections and violations.

​Conditional Use Permit: Mining in Unincorporated Sacramento County requires a Conditional Use Permit.  The General Plan, Zoning Code and County Code provide much of the guidance needed in evaluating the merits of a Use Permit application.  If approved, by the Board of Supervisors (or Planning Commission for small scale borrow sites) a conditional use permit for a mining operation will contain numerous conditions of approval which define the specific mining methods, mitigation measures, and schedule for a particular mining operation.  Likewise, each mining operation has its own reclamation plan which specifies the approved end use, including vegetation, pit slope angles, surface elevations and other factors. 

Regulatory Information​

California State Department of Conservation Mining Websites

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