Land Use Planning Regulation Documents

These documents form the basis for land use planning decisions, from the broad policies of the General Plan, down to the detailed development standards of the Zoning Code.

General Plan. A county-wide policy document that provides guidance and direction for land use planning in the unincorporated County. ​For information on amendment activity visit General Plan Amendment.  

Community Plans​. Each community in the county has a Community Plan containing policies that apply only to that community. This community-driven document, while consistent with the General Plan, directs development in a fashion that better reflects the desires of the community.

Zoning Code. The Zoning Code contains detailed standards and regulations that help to implement the policies of the General Plan. ​

Limited Area Plans: SPAs, NPAs, Master and Specific Plans. These documents target established communities and neighborhoods of the County that desire specific standards and regulations that may differ from the Zoning Code. For information on NPAs and SPAs that are currently being developed visit Plans and Projects in Progress

Planning for large future development areas is often performed through a master plan or specific plan process. For information on master and specific plans in progress, visit ​Plans and Projects in Progress.

Corridor Plans. Sacramento County has many established commercial corridors that are ripe for re-development. These areas are a major opportunity for infill and for applying modern designs and standards that reflect sustainable, high quality-of-life development. For information on Corridor Plans in progress visit Plans and Projects in Progress.