Plans and Projects in Progress

This page contains all you need to know about active planning projects in Sacramento County ranging from small private projects, to large-scale developments and amendments, to county-wide policy documents.  Public input opportunities are available for all of these projects.​


Track Private App​lications.  The County's "Project Viewer" provides information on private projects that are either currently in process or have recently been completed.  Find project description, documents and status. The database can be searched in several ways including by community, project name, owner, and address.

New Growth Areas and Master ​Plans.  This page provides general information on growth area applications in progress in the county, including a map and list of active or recently active master plans (large multi-unit multi-use) and corridor plans.​

Major Development Projects​.  This page provides links to project webpages for major development projects that are not in proposed new growth areas or master plan areas.  

Plans and Ordinances

Countywide Rezone Program. The Countywide Rezone program is a state-mandated effort to address a current shortfall of vacant sites available to accommodate housing available to moderate and lower-income households. This effort includes both rezones and Zoning Code amendments to implement various programs included in the 2021-2029 Housing Element. ​

​​​Climate Action Plan - Communitywide Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Project (Communitywide CAP).  The Communitywide CAP will include strategies that will both (1) reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change, and (2) help the community prepare for and adapt to the effects of climate change. ​

General Plan Amendments. ​Visit the links immediately below for information on any General Plan amendments currently in progress.  Applicants and citizens alike are encouraged to review and comments on these important policy documents.

South Sacramento Habitat Conservation Plan (SSHCP). Upon approval the SSHCP will provide regulatory streamlining for development and funding and coordinated planning for habitat preservation. This link will take you directly to the website for the SSHCP, now in progress. ​

Zoning Code Amendments.

(Topical or Area-Specific revisions)

Countywide, Topic-specific Amendments. 
Many sections of the zoning code apply countywide and address broad issues such as signage, fencing and the appropriate location and design of land uses.  On occasion there is a need to add or update portions of the Zoning Code address specific issues.  

Area-Specific Amendments. 
The Zoning Code may be amended through approval of ordinances that often constitute “mini zoning codes” for a defined area.  They may take the form of Special Planning Areas, Neighborhood Preservation Areas (including Corridor Plans) or Specific Plans.