Community Plans and Special Projects

Community plans provides goals and policies for individual communities, typically for areas within boundaries that reflect established community planning areas. Community Plan policies, in conjunction with the Community Plan Land Use Plan, are intended to be a comprehensive guide for the physical development of a community on a more detailed basis than the General Plan. The Land Use Plan delineates the location, density and intensity of housing, commercial, industrial, public facilities and open space. The plan may provide implementation strategies for such topics as land use, transportation, urban design, parks, school facilities and public services.

The nature of a community plan depends upon the need of the community. A community plan for a developed, mature area would focus on neighborhood enhancement and commercial revitalization goals and action items; whereas a community plan for a newly developing area would focus more on new development needs, e.g. location of new public facilities and infrastructure financing.  

Most of the existing Community Plans are over 20 years old; several of the Plans were adopted in the 1970's or early 1980's.  In 1999 the Board of Supervisors embarked on a program to update select Community Plans resulting in the following updates:

  • Cordova Community Plan (2003)
  • Arden-Arcade Community Action (2006, 1980 Community Plan)
  • Carmichael Community Action Plan (2006, apx. to 1975 Community Plan)

Copies of plans are available at the Planning Public Counter or may be downloaded using the links below.

Special Projects

Community Plan Documents and Maps

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1985 Antelope Community Area​ (map only)

Arden Arcade​

1980 Arden Arcade Community Plan page


1975 Carmichael Community Plan Page

2006 Carmichael Community Action Plan   (Appendix to 1975 plan)​

2006 Fair Oaks Boulevard Concept Plan

2011 Fair Oaks Boulevard Corridor Plan


2003  Cordova Community Plan page


1983  Delta Community Plan page ​

 ​ ​​​​Applicant's Guide for Projects in the Delta​

Fair Oaks​

1975  Fair Oaks Community Plan page


2010  Florin-Vineyard Community Plan​ page

North Highlands/Foothill Farms​

1974  North Highlands/Foothill Farms Community ​Plan Text

           North Highlands/Foothill Farms Community Plan Map​


1976  Orangevale Community Plan page

Rio Linda/Elverta​

1998  Rio Linda/Elverta Community Plan Text
           Rio Linda/Elverta​ Community Pl​an Map


1976  Southeast Area Plan  (map only)

South Sacramento​

1978  South Sacramento Area Community Plan Text

           South Sacramento Area Community Plan  Map​


1985  Vineyard Community Plan Text,

           Vineyard​ Community Plan Map​