Resource Area Plans

There is one adopted county resource plan, and one in-progress, that protect defined resource areas within the county. 

American River Parkway Plan (ARPP) provides policy and standards for projects within the Parkway plan area.  Most projects within this Plan are public projects.  The general public's interest in the ARPP may stem from interest in the Parkway itself, or from landowners adjacent to the Parkway.  The ARPP only applies to projects within the Parkway plan area.

South Sacramento Habitat​ Conservation Plan (SSHCP) is in the approval process.  Upon adoption, the SSHCP will provide federal and state permit streamlining for projects within the Plan's “Urban Growth Area”, and provide well-planned impact mitigation in its designated mitigation areas for specific species impacts.  The development industry and environmental community are well represented in this process.  Interested citizens have numerous opportunities for review and comment.

Also of Interest:

Natomas Basin Habitat Conservation Plan.  Although this HCP covers a portion of northwest of the county, Sacramento County is not a signatory to it.  Parcels within the plan area are still subject to the permitting benefits and costs of participating in that HCP. The plan is implemented through the Natomas Basin Conservancy​.