Special Planning Areas (SPAs), Neighborhood Preservation Areas (NPAs), and Specific Plans

The Sacramento County Zoning Code is sometimes amended to include specific regulations and land uses for areas that feel the Zoning Code does not fully meet the needs of their community. This can be done through:

  • Special Planning Areas (SPA):  An SPA is created for an established area when the countywide zoning regulations (“Titles” I, II & III) do not adequately address local concerns.  The SPA allows uses, regulations and standards that would not be allowed under the countywide regulations. SPAs are in Title V of the Zoning Code.     
  • Neighborhood Preservation Area (NPA):  An NPA is designed to protect and preserve the character of established neighborhoods when the countywide regulations are inadequate for that purpose.  NPAs are in Title VI of the Zoning Code.
  • Specific Plans: Specific Plans are for master planned new growth areas which may require their own policies, regulations, and standards for planning sustainable developments. Specific Plans are in Title VI of the Zoning Code.

Special Note: Regulations within these documents may be pre-empted by recent State legislation regarding Accessory Dwelling Units. Review the zoning standards for ADUs​ for further information. ​

​Adopted S​PAs, NPAs, and Specific Plans

Special Planning Areas (Ordinance #)  (Titles ​V and VI)

Aerojet (508-300)
Aerojet (Easton Place) (508-300)
Aerojet (Gle​nborough) (508-300)
Aerojet Implementation Agreement (508-301)
Antelope Statio​n  (507-20); 507-25.5 Design Guidelines
Antelope Town Center​ (513-300)

(REPEALED 6-6-17)

Aspen IV (509-200)
Butterfield Light Rail Station (513-100)
​Calvine Road/Highway 99 (508-200)​ Rescinded 9/9/21, Ord #2021-0010
Citrus Heights (501-90)
Citrus Road (501-110)
Cordova Hil​ls (613-10​); (Cordova Hills Webpage)​
Courtl​and​ (504-500)
Donsing Ranc​h (504-300)
Downtown Rio Linda​ (Amended 11/13/2023) (506-50)
Edward Kelly School (501-150)
Eskato​n  (503-40)

Fair Oaks Boulevard Corridor Plan​ The Plan is implemented via a Special Planning Area (SPA) and Section 6.7 of the Sacramento County Zoning Code. (611-10​)​

Fair Oaks Villa​ge SPA (See 537-20 below for Fair Oaks Village NPA) (502-10)
Florin - Florin Perkins Roa​d  (Amended 9/24/13) (501-230)
Folsom Boulevard (501-160)
Fulton A​v​enue (2/23/11, with Mitigation Measures) (504-700)
Garden Highwa​y (501-250)
Gerber Roa​d (503-20)
Gerber Road/Southern Pacific Railr​oad (501-210)
Gold River (501-120)
Greenback-Garfield (501-50)
Greenback Lane​ (506-20)
Laguna Del Sol (510-10)
Larchmont Countrysid​e (503-50)
Locke (504-400)
Loma Vista (503-30)
Lower A​ndrus Island (505-10)
Madison - Kenneth (501-80)
Marshal​l - Fair ​​Oaks (505-50)
Mather Field (Amended 9/24/16) (603-10)
McClellan N​orth (506-30)
McClellan Park​​ (511-10)
Metro Air Park​ (505-30); Metro Air Park Design Guidelines​ 
North Highlands Town Center (504-600)
North Watt Avenue Corridor Plan​ (612-10​)
Old Florin Town​ (610-10​)
South Sunrise (509-100)
Stockton Boulevard SPA (512-300);  Broadway/Stockton Urban Design Plan
Stockton Boulevard - Gerber​ Road (501-240)
Sunrise/Suns​et (502-20)
Walnut​ Grove (504-20)
Watt Avenue​ (504-10)​ (Major portions replaced by North W​att Corridor Plan, SPA 612-10)
Watt Avenue/Elkhorn Blvd (513-200) (Replaced by N. Watt Corridor Plan​​,SPA 612-10)
West Auburn Boulevard  (609-10)
White R​ock Road (503-10)
Winding Way - Hackberry L​ane (501-190)
Zinfandel (512-200)


Neighborhood Preservation Areas (Ordinance #) (Title V)

52 Avenue (530-30)
66th Avenue (530-50)
Arcade Oaks  (535-10)
Arden Court (536-20)
Arden Oaks​ (Revised - Effective August 19, 2017) (531-10)
Arden Park (531-30)
Beyerford Heights (530-10​)
Carmichael Colony (537-10)
Carmichael Creek (534-10)
Cordova Industrial Uses (530-20)
Fair Oaks Village NPA (See 502-10 above for Fair Oaks Village SPA) (537-20)
Florin & Florin-Perkins Road (Industrial Uses) (Revised 9/24/13) (530-60)
Mariemont/Gordon Heights (531-20)
Mission Oaks (532-010)
Sierra Oaks Vista (530-110)
SMUD Substation in South Sacramento (530-70)
South Citrus Road (530-100)
​South Sacr. I​ndustrial (Gerber Rd & Florin Rd)  (Revised 9/24/13) (530-80)
Stockton B​oulevard NPA (530-90)
The Town of Freeport (533-10)
Victory Avenue (530-40)