Protected Resources

Whether you have a project site, are interested in a project site, or just want to be more informed, this page will tell you all about the types of resources in the County that have some kind of legal protection.  Knowing this information can help you protect important County resources, and if you are an applicant, it can save you time and money to know about these resources before you apply.​

  • Air Quality. An overview of air pollution in the region, with links to the agencies which regulate pollutants.
  • Cultural Resources​. A brief overview of resources which could be of cultural or historic interest, and a list of phone numbers to call for additional information.
  • Hydrology and Water Quality. An overview of water supply and ways to maintain and improve water quality.
  • Oak Woodlands. A detailed description of oak woodland habitat values and their preservation and management.
  • Riparian Habitat. A description of streamside habitat (called “riparian”) value and the policies which protect this habitat.
  • Special Status Species. A description of the various “special status” designations that can be given to rare animals and plants (example: Endangered).
  • Vernal Pools. A description of vernal pools and their habitat value.