General Plan Amendments

The Sacramento County General Plan provides policies that guide growth and development in the unincorporated county through 2030.  The ​document is subject to public review and requires adoption by the Board of Supervisors.  

From time to time, the General Plan must be amended to make changes to accommodate public and private projects, to update information and policies, or to comply with State regulations. General Plan amendments may affect small portions of the plan, such as the modification of a single policy, or even the addition of a new General Plan Element. However, consistent with State law, mandatory elements in the General Plan may only be updated a maximum of four times per year.   ​

Periodically, the General Plan is comprehensively updated to bring it up to date and to clarify the County's direction for growth and development for the next 20 years.  The Board of Supervisors approved the last comprehensive General Plan update on November 11, 2011. Those amendments are now a part of the current version of the 2030 General Plan​.  

Pending General Plan Amendments

​​​The following proposed General Plan Amendments are currently in process:


​​Adopted General Plan Amendments

​​The following major General Plan Amendments  have been adopted since the comprehensive update: 


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