Tree Permit Getting Started

​Application Process

  • Application: Download ​a Sacramento Co​un​​ty Tree Permit Application form
  • Fee: A $31.35 tree permit fee is due upon release of the approved permit. Tree permit review typically takes less than 10 working days.
  • Application Submittal: There are two options for submitting your Tree Permit application:
    1. Online: If you would like to create an online permit, visit our Online Permit Portal. You may want to first review the Instructions for Filling Out an Online Tree Permit.  ​
    2. U.S. Mail or Email: Submit a letter or email ( that includes the information required below, or you may email a completed Permit Application​​. However, if your permit is approved, you will need to pay the $31.35 fee in person, mail in a check, or create an account online to pay the permit fee.
  • Appeal: If a tree permit application is denied, Sacramento County will provide a written reason for denial and include the appeal procedure.  

Application Information Required

You will need the following information to complete the Sacramento County ​Tree Permit Application form​​:

  • Address where the tree is located.  Your contact phone n​umber and email if available.
  • A sketch of the property showing the location of each tree being pruned or removed showing landmarks such as streets, buildings, fence. Include identification numbers if more than one tree is being pruned or removed. The sketch may also occur on an aerial photograph.
  • Photos. Provide pictures of the tree(s) to be removed or pruned. 
    • Take photos showing the entire tree, the trunk from 10 feet away, and any defective tree part (i.e. dead limb, crack etc.).
    • If a tree is damaging property, provide photos of damaged property (i.e. sidewalk, driveway, foundation, etc.)
  • Trunk Diameter. Provide the trunk diameter of each tree being pruned or removed, as measured 4.5 feet above the ground. (Diameter = circumference/3.14)
  • Reason for Work. Provide the reasons why you want to remove and/or prune the tree(s).
  • Consent. Tree permit approval requires the tree owner’s consent regardless if the tree hangs over an adjacent property. If the tree is on an adjacent property we need a signed letter from the neighbor stating:  the neighbor’s name, address, and phone number, authorizing you, your name (or tree company name), your address and your phone number, to trim or remove the tree in question, including the trunk diameter, location, and any limitations or conditions, signed and dated.
  • Qualifications. The applicant must indicate on the tree permit form who will perform the tree pruning work. Some minor pruning can be performed by the applicant. For branches, limbs or roots over 2” inches in diameter the applicant must use services from the following types of certified or licensed contractors:
    • ISA Certified Arborists
    • ISA Certified Tree Workers

​​Visit ​the How to Apply for a Tree Permit page​ for lists of certified arborists and pruners, and other information including Zoning Code regulations and instructions for proper methods to construct and landscape around oak trees.

​You may address specific questions to: 

Sacramento County Tree Coordinator​

Planning and Environmental Review​ Division                           
827 7th Street, Room 225
Sacramento, CA 95814​