Minor Use Permits

What is a Minor Use Permit? A Minor Use Permit is a low-cost Use Permit that provides regulation over specified land uses that may have certain limited impacts, but do not require a full public hearing process. Minor Use Permits are approved or denied by the Planning Director based on staff recommendations and conditions for approval referenced in Zoning Code​ Section 6.4.2. Examples of uses include, but are not limited to, on-sale alcohol, large wineries/breweries, pawn shops, smoke shops, check cashing/payday loans, thrift stores, adult novelty stores, fence deviations, and barn setback deviations.

 What will the Permit Cost?  See the Planning and Environmental Fees page​ for current information.  The Minor Use Permit is coded "UPM".

How to Apply for a Minor Use Permit

  • Complete the Genera​l Application​ and required Supplemental Application listed below (if applicable). Include all relevant​​ Exhibits as listed in the General Application.

Supplemental Application Forms

​Pawn Shops

​Smoke Shops

Thrift Shops

​Check Cashing/Payday Loans

​Massage Establishments

​Adult Novelty Shops


​Large Family Day Care

​Residential Care Homes

​Farm Worker Housing

​Private School

​Child Care Center