Planning and Environmental Review Application Forms

Application Submittal, Payment, and Appointments

PER will be accepting all Planning application types (except Shor​t-Term Rental Permits) by email at For instructions on submitting a Planning application via email, please review the Applicant E-File ​Instructions.  [NOTE: Any resubmittals for active applications should be sent directly to the assigned Project Manager.]

For further assistance with application forms or the email submittal process, please email For general zoning inquiries, please contact our g​eneral information email at​. ​

​Limited in-person counter appointments are available for application submittals. Schedule an a​ppointment.

Pre-Application Review Forms

  • CPAC Early Workshop Request Form. This form provides the applicant with an opportunity to present and re​ceive community feedback at a CPAC (Community Planning Advisory Council) meeting regarding their proposed project prior to submitting a formal application with the Planning and Environmental Review Division.
  • Pre-Application ​Meeting Form (PAM)​. A PAM is a 45-minute meeting with representatives of the Planning and Environmental Review Division, Site Improvement and Permits Division, and the Department of Transportation to review development proposals prior to the submittal of formal applications. Submittal of a PAM does not meet the requirements of a “Preliminary Application” for purposes of SB 330 (Housing Crisis Act of 2019).  Applicants desiring SB330 benefits must submit a “Housing Crisis Act of 2019-SB 330 Preliminary Application” form available on this webpage.​​
  • PER Consultation (PERC). Planning and Environmental Review (PER) Division-only. This is a 45-minute meeting with a representative from PER. This meeting may be most appropriate for projects that will not require major off-site improvements or land use changes that do not include immediate development.

General Planning Application and Supplemental Forms

Design Review Application Forms

** To account for staff shortages and to ensure staff ability to process temporary use permits in a timely manner: 

 - For Non-Outdoor Events, we recommend complete applications and payment of fee be received at least two (2) weeks prior to anticipated event date. 

 - For Outdoor Events (such as carnivals or festivals; and/or events with live music, serving of alcohol, off-site parking, or anticipation of large crowds less than 500 people), we recommend complete application and payment be received at least four (4) weeks prior to anticipated event date. 

 - Certain Outdoor festivals with over 500 persons may also be subject to the requirements of Sacramento County Code, Chapter 4.38​; these type of temporary events will require a complete application at least 90 days in advance of the event. **  

Short-Term Rental Permit Webpage

COVID-19 Temporary Outdoor Dining​

Temporary Urban Agricultural Stand Form

Zoning Verification/Planning Research/Substantial Compliance Requests

Miscellaneous Planning and Environmental Forms

Planning and Enviro​mental Fees​​

Examples of Exhibits for Specific Entitlements

Parcel numbers may be obtained from the Assessor's website at, by calling their office at (916) 875-0700 , or by visiting in person at 3636 American River Drive, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA.​​​​​​​​