COVID-19 Temporary Outdoor Dining


On March 5, 2020, Sacrament​o County proclaimed a public health emergency. The outbreak and associated response to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 globally and in the Sacramento Community has disrupted normal business operations. The County adopted temporary amendments to the County Zoning Code (Ordinance BOS-1592) to allow for certain businesses to operate in outdoor areas. Assembly Bill 61 (AB 61) extended the provisions for temporary outdoor dining to January​ 1, 2024. Restaurants wishing to have temporary outdoor​ dining areas shall follow the self-certification​ requirements listed below. ​​​​


  • Restaurants: The County has developed guidelines for the standardized operation of temporary outdoor dining areas. Prior to operating outdoors, businesses shall self-certify that they comply with the County Temporary Outdoor Use Area Regulations. It is the business owner’s obligation to review the self-certification checklist and to ensure that their employees are familiar with the requirements and that their business is operating in a manner consistent with the requirements listed in the self-certification checklist​. The checklist does not need to be submitted to the County.​
  • Cost: There is no cost associated ​with the Self-Certification Checklist.
  • ​Duration: Temporary use of outdoor areas for restaurants is valid until January 1, 2024.
  • ​Emergency Temporary Use Permits (ETUZs): The County's Urgency Ordinance 1592 that allowed for the issuance of ETUZs pursuant to Zoning Code Section 3.10.3.K expired on May 4, 2021. Therefore, the provisions of Zoning Code Section 3.10.3.K are no longer valid.